1. “Effect of core stabilization exercises on balance in elderly population-A randomized control trial”
2012-14 SUBMITTED BY Nidhi Pandey
2. “Observing the effect of standardized box – Holding Arm posture on postural discomfort and perceived exertion in healthy female”
2012-14 SUBMITTED BY Anshul Singh Chauhan
3. “To study the efficiency of spinal mobilization with arm movement in treating upper limb radicular pain”
2011-13 SUBMITTED BY Jyoti Aggarwal
4. “plantar fascitus: A survey of physiotherapy practice in Delhi”
2012-13 SUBMITTED BY Lavi Kr. Ahuja
5. “comparative study between McKenzie and core exercise in chronic low back pain”
2011-13 SUBMITTED BY Sana ‘B’
6. “comparison of strength and endurance training in the treatment of chronic neck pain”
2012-13 SUBMITTED BY Mili Dhir
7. “comparison between met and stretching on upper fiber of trapezes muscle in patient with myofascial pain syndrome”
2012-14 SUBMITTED BY Reena Singh
8. “A comparative study of find out the effects of capsular stretching over muscle energy technique in the management of frozen shoulder”
2013-14 SUBMITTED BY Neha J. Sydney
9. “ Efficiency of dynamic lumber stabilization exercise in comparison to Makenzie and Williams exercises in chronic low back pain”
2011-13 SUBMITTED BY Bimal Basukla
10. “The Effect of cervical mobilization on unilateral neck pain”
2011-13 SUBMITTED BY Himani Chawla
11. “comparison of grip strength with elbow taping and elbow brace in normal”
2011-13 SUBMITTED BY Dinesh Kr. Bhardwaj
12. “A study on the efficiency of ultra sound therapy in comparison to short wave biotherapy”
2012-14 SUBMITTED BY Neeraj Kumar
13. “Efficiency of core strengthening exercise on hypertrophy of transverses abpominis and multipidus in healthy female subjects”
2011-13 SUBMITTED BY Diviya Bharti
14. “Compare the effectiveness of ultrasound alone and ultrasound plus muscle energy technique in reducing pain and improving range of motion in tempremandibularjoint dysfunction”
2011-13 SUBMITTED BY Swati Chand
15. “Effect of three different types of close chain strengthening exercise in knee osteoarthritis”
2011-13 SUBMITTED BY Harshita Bhagwat
16. “effectiveness of maitland technique compare with common supervised exercised in idiopathic shoulder adhesive copulates”
2011-13 SUBMITTED BY Pramod Kumar
17. “A study of effectiveness of post isometric relaxation technique over passive stretching for gastrocnemius lightness in normal individuals – A comparative study”
2011-13 SUBMITTED BY Vikash Jain
18. “Comparison of isolated trunk extensors and global trunk muscles endurance training in healthy subjects”
2011-13 SUBMITTED BY Som Gupta
19. “The effectiveness of strength training and aerobic exercises in improving functional ability and health related quality of life in rheumatoid arthritis”
2012-13 SUBMITTED BY Pallavi
20. “To study the effect of end range capsules stretching for periarthritis of shoulder in diabetic and non-diabetic”
2011-13 SUBMITTED BY Taquis Ahmed
21. “To study the effect of different grades of osteotearthritis knee on range of motion of knee joint”
2012-14 SUBMITTED BY Rupali Mittal
22. “Mulligan Taping placebo or boon in plantar pasulis”
2013-14 SUBMITTED BY - Richa Gupta
23. “Do different computing styles have their impact on neck dimension in subclinical neck pain group”
2011-13 SUBMITTED BY – Khusboo Kotak
1.The comparison of two quadriceps exercises in patient with knee osteoarthritis.
2012-13 SUBMITTED BY – Swati Singh
2.Effect of compression bandage versus elastic taping in acute grade II ankle sprain.
2012-14 SUBMITTED BY – Sachin Tyagi
3.To study the effect of stabilizer pressure biofeedback and isometric neck flexors in chronic neck pain.
2012-14 SUBMITTED BY – Nisha Khatri
4.Effect of combined dynamic static exercise protocols in treatment of chronic neck pain.
2012-14 SUBMITTED BY – Rahul Nagar
5.To compare manual physical therapy program with conventional physical therapy programing treating osteoarthritis knee.
2012-14 SUBMITTED BY – Ajay Singh Rathore
6.Effect of different hip positions on isometric quadriceps strengthening in osteoarthritis knee.
2012-14 SUBMITTED BY – Aruma Rasool
7.Effect of back extension exercises versus scales ball exercises on core muscles through bearing Sorensen endurance test.
2012-14 SUBMITTED BY – Anjali Goyal
8.Effectiveness of law-dye taping on gail parameters in plantar fasciitis.
2012-14 SUBMITTED BY – Mohit Gulati
9.Difference in the functional capacity of subjects with knee osteoarthritis walking with and without uniaxial valgus knee orthasis.
2012-14 SUBMITTED BY – Md. Alamgir
10.Evaluation of sick scapula in school teacher doing overhead activity on blackboard.
2012-14 SUBMITTED BY – Md. Hamam Sadri
11.Effect of elastic resistance rehabilitations exercise protocol on reduction of functional instability in individuals with chronic ankle instability.
2012-14 SUBMITTED BY – Chutra Bhadur KC
THESIS :- Neurology  
1.A novel balance Pilates exercise program shows a significant effect in improving postural stability and functional performance in order adults.
2011-13 SUBMITTED BY – Geeti Kr.
2.Effect of trunk extensors endurance on pain and disblity in people suffering from non radiating chronic law-back pain.
2011-13 SUBMITTED BY – Vandana Yadav
3.To study compliance of sci patient standing and their benefits.
2011-13 SUBMITTED BY – Prodyat Kumar
4.Co-relation between spasticity functional activity and severity of the condition in spastic diplegic cerebral palsy children.
2012-14 SUBMITTED BY – Tahzeeb Fatima
5.Insinuation of pecliatric balance scale on attainment of sense of balance in children.
2011-13 SUBMITTED BY – Kinkar Singh
6.Effect of secondary motor task versus secondary motor task versus secondary cognitive task on static pastural stability in persons with Parkinson disease.
2011-13 SUBMITTED BY – Seema Patel
7.Inference of multimode sensory cues in balance training in recovery stage of cerebra muscular accident.
2011-13 SUBMITTED BY – Sunil Kumar
8.The effect of trunk control retraining in hemiparefic patients with postural disturbances.
2012-14 SUBMITTED BY – Priya Tondon
9.To study lass of trunk repositioning tense and its relation to balance impairment in stroke patients.
2011-13 SUBMITTED BY – Vaishali Gautam
10.A comparison between effects of specific balance training program and general balance and mobility exercise program for improving balance in elderly population.
2011-13 SUBMITTED BY – Mayank Kumar
1.Effectiveness of progressive resistive exercises on gait performance and balance in stroke.
2011-13 SUBMITTED BY – Sanjay Garg
2.Effect of fixed and variable priority dual task training on balance in diabetic polyneuropathy.
2012-14 SUBMITTED BY – Swati Sharma
3.Comparison of two different approaches of the physiotherapy regimes in stroke rehabilitation patient.

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